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Table of Contents

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DVD Video
DVD Track #1
Interview with Effie, Early Stage Alzheimer's
DVD Track #2
Interview with Marie S, Stiff Fingers
DVD Track #3
Interview with Freida, Three Piece Puzzle
DVD Track #4
Interview with Fannie, Mid-stage Alzheimer's
DVD Track #5
Interview with Marie J, Hand Exercise
DVD Track #6
Interview with Mabel, Assessing Long-Term Memory
DVD Track #7
Interview with Elizabeth, Semi-comatose, Scent Therapy
DVD Track #8
Interview with Lillian: Bean Bag Rolling
DVD Track #9
Interview with Mary: Listening for Breathing Patterns & Using an Amplifier

DVD Track #10
Photos with Commentary/Success Therapy Slides

Instructor's Guide for DVD Training
Part I: Staff & Volunteer In-service Training Instructor's Guide

Part II: Activities that Do Not Require a Work Surface

Section 11 - Activity Programs for your Semi-Comatose Residents
Section 12 - Sensory Stimulation
Section 13 - 3 Types of Mobiles
Section 14 - Bean Bag Rolling, Activity Apron, & Doll
Section 15 - Velcro Baseball Mitt, Balloon Batting, Pillow Maze

Part III: Activities that Require a Work Surface
Section 16 -
Clay & Success Therapy®
Section 17 - Stacking and the Need for an In-service Training Block
Section 18 - Bean Scooping & Clothes Pins
Section19 - Bead Stringing

Part IV: Activities that are Fun and/or Productive
Section 20 -
Fish Game & Marshmellow Guess
Section 21 - Bingo Adaptations
Section 22 - Envelope Stuffing
Concluding Commentary