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Table of Contents

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CD Tracks
Track #1
Two Magic C's to Get Your Administrator's Support
Track #2
Developing Clout with Nursing
Track #3
Conquering Your Conflict Avoidance
Track #4
Priorities & Strategies for Your Wish List

Instructor's Guide for CD Training
Part I: Inservice Training Instructor's Guide for CD
Part II: Manual of Articles
Section 5

Assessment of Culture Change Non-Compliance
Section 6

Gaining Support for Transporting
Section 7

Defeating Your Worst Enemies for Gaining Support - Playing the Blame Game
Section 8

Developing a Script for Your Reply to "Busy and Short"
Section 9

Creating a "Broken Record" Script to the "Busy and Short" Reply
Section 10

The Basics Regarding Dealing Effectively with Distractors, Detours, and Diversions
Section 11

Strategies for Replying to "Not Now", Irrelevant Chatter, Silence, and Denying
Section 12

Effective Strategies for Replying to Blaming and Verbal Abuse
Section 13

Effective Strategies for Replying to Joking and "I intended to..."
Section 14

Effective Strategies for Replying to Poor Me, Physical Symptoms and Negative Body Language
Section 15

Effective Strategies for Replying to Apologizing and Debating
Section 16

How to Handle Your Unidentified Feelings & Anger
Section 17
Effective Script Delivery: Friendly, Professional, and Positive
Selected Readings, Bibliography/Authors/Instructors
Concluding Commentary