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Table of Contents

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DVD Videos
DVD Track #1
How Residents Manipulate
DVD Track #2
How Domineering Residents can Damage Your Program
DVD Track #3
Explaining Program Changes to Domineering Residents

Instructor's Guide for DVD Training
Introductory Commentary
Part I: Staff & Volunteer Inservice Training Instructor's Guide

Part II: Manual of Articles
Section 4

Denial and Stages of Stress and Domineering Residents
Section 5

Control Your Mind Games Concerning Your Domineering Residents
Section 6

Passive Responses and How to Make an Assertive Statement with a Domineering Resident - Question 6
Section 7

Coping with Domineering Residents: The Triple-A Approach, Keeping a Stress Journal, and Finding the Funny Part
Section 8

Counter Your Inner Critic when Your Domineering Resident Gets You Down
Section 9

Domineering Residents and Playing the Blame Game
Section 10

How to Center When Dealing with a Domineering Resident
Section 11

Combating Distortions Related to Dealing with Domineering Residents
Section 12

The Tyranny of the Should with Domineering Residents
Section 13

Who’s Responsible for What in Conflicts with Domineering Residents… Anger Management Styles
Section 14

Responding Assertively to the Requests of Domineering Residents
Section 15

Are You Afraid of Your Domineering Resident?
Selected Readings Bibliography/Authors/Instructors
Concluding Commentary