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Table of Contents

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Transcript of Compact Discs
Section 1

--Track #1 - Success Therapy
Section 2
--Track #2 - Caps in a Bowl
Section 3
--Track #3 - Caps in a Bowl Adaptations
Section 4
--Track #4 - Working Surface Assessment
Staff & Volunteer Reproducible Note-Taking Booklet for CD Training
Instructor's Guide for DVD Training

Part I
--In-service Training: Instructor's Guide for CD
Part II Manual of Articles:
Section 5

--Introduction - Train Your Entire Facility Staff
Section 6

--Assessment Basics
Section 7

Section 8

--Documentation Compliance
Section 9

--Working Surface Assessment
Section 10

--Bank Exercise
Section 11

--Motivation to do the Nonsensical
Section 12

--Color Sorting
Section 13

--Color Pattern Cards
Section 14

--Project Stabilization
Section 15

--Geometric Puzzle
Section 16

--Shape Sorting Box
Section 17

--Can Rolling
Section 18

--In-service Training Sheets
Section 19

--Appendix A & B
Section 20

--Bag Labels & Inservice Training Sheets