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Table of Contents

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CD Tracks
Track #1
The Activity Director Pressure Cooker
Track #2
Your Quest for Calm
Track #3
Oprah's Method
Track #4
How to Get Unstuck from your Problem-Focus
Track #5
How to Pivot to the Postitive
Track #6
Defusing 6 D's in Your Department
Track #7
Instant Calm - Six Second Skill
Track #8
How to Lose Your Baggage
Track #9
Acting "As-If" -
Track #10
Have Presence of Mind
Track #11
Words that Heal
Track #12
Finding the "Little Sun" Inside You
Track #13
4 Keys to T.R.U.E. Calm
Track #14
See it! Believe it! Get it!

Instructor's Guide for CD Training
Part I: Inservice Training Instructor's Guide for CD
Part II: Manual of Articles
Section 15

Understanding How Self-Talk can Increase Stress
Section 16

Stressful Self-Talk Habits
Section 17

Two Belief Exaggeration Clusters - "Can't-Stand-It's or Awfulizing" and "Must's or Should's"
Section 18

Systematic Stress Analysis
Section 19

Organize your Worrying!
Section 20

Working Through your Worries
Section 21

Using Humor to Cope with Stress
Section 22

Recognizing Passive, Assertive, and Aggressive Behavior
Section 23

Reduce Stress by Becoming More Assertive
Section 24

De-Stressing your Workday
Section 25

Creating a Stress-Free Activity Director's Desk
Section 26

Are You Hooked on Helping?
Selected Readings, Bibliography/Authors/Instructors