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Table of Contents

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CD Tracks
Track #1
The Activity Director Pressure Cooker
Track #2
Your Quest for Calm
Track #3
Oprah's Method
Track #4
How to Get Unstuck from your Problem-Focus
Track #5
How to Pivot to the Postitive
Track #6
Defusing 6 D's in Your Department
Track #7
Instant Calm - Six Second Skill
Track #8
How to Lose Your Baggage
Track #9
Acting "As-If"
Track #10
Have Presence of Mind
Track #11
Words that Heal
Track #12
Finding the "Little Sun" Inside You
Track #13
4 Keys to T.R.U.E. Calm
Track #14
See it! Believe it! Get it!

Instructor's Guide for CD Training
Part I: Inservice Training Instructor's Guide for CD
Part II: Manual of Articles
Section 15

Understanding How Self-Talk can Increase Stress
Section 16

Stressful Self-Talk Habits
Section 17

Two Belief Exaggeration Clusters - "Can't-Stand-It's or Awfulizing" and "Must's or Should's"
Section 18

Systematic Stress Analysis
Section 19

Organize your Worrying!
Section 20

Working Through your Worries
Selected Readings, Bibliography/Authors/Instructors