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Table of Contents

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DVD Videos
DVD Track #1
Using a Partial Calendar
DVD Track #2
Analysis of Resident Population
DVD Track #3
The Finding Time Ratio
DVD Track #4
Finding Time Ratio Demonstration
DVD Track #5
Why Whole Half Days?
DVD Track #6
The "Sandwich-In" Effect
DVD Track #7
Justifiable and Unjustifiable Program Repetition
DVD Track #8
The Numbers Game
DVD Track #9
Program Developer, Department Manager, and Delegator
DVD Track #10
Pet Pretty Patients and Job Jollies
DVD Track #11
Activities Program Limits and Enhancements
DVD Track #12
DVD Track #13
Developing a Priority List
DVD Track #14
Starting Your Program

Instructor's Guide for DVD Training
Part I: Inservice Training Instructor's Guide for DVD

Part II: Sample Care Plans

Part III: Manual of Articles
Introduction to the Articles
Section 15

Organizing Your Activity Space
Section 16

The Seven-step Activity De-clutter Plan
Section 17

How to "Operate" your To-Do List
Section 18

Variations for the To-Do List
Section 19

How to Make Your Daily Task List Magically Manageable
Section 20

Set Priorities to Make More Time for Activities
Section 21

Organizing your Activity Daily Schedule
Section 22

Power-Pack Your Day!
Section 23

Avoiding Wasting Time on the Phone
Section 24

Finding Your Optimum Activities Work-style
Section 25

Using Contact Folders and Contact Notebooks
Section 26

Understanding Your Perfectionism and PPPs
Selected Readings Bibliography/Authors/Instructors
Concluding Commentary