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Table of Contents

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Transcript of Compact Discs
Section 1
--Track #1 - Overcoming 3 Manifestations of Anxiety with 'Sit Don't Run'
Section 2
--Track #2 - 9 Steps to 'Stop and Relax' during Spontaneous Panic
Section 3
--Track #3 - Effective Use of '1-8 Count Breathing' in Panic Disorder Clients
Section 4
--Track #4 - Four Unrelated Conditions Running in Conjunction with Panic Disorders
Section 5
--Track #5 - How to Use a 'Best Case Scenario' to Combat Depression
Section 6
--Track #6 - Effectively Dealing with Blood Injury Phobias
Section 7
--Track #7 - Helping Substance Abuse Clients with a 'Bath Visualization'
Section 8
--Track #8 - OCD - Overcoming the Fear-of-Being-Filthy with an 'Exposure Agreement'
Section 9
--Track #9 - Dysmorphophobia & Teaching 'Problems and Solutions'
Section 10
--Track #10 - Three Key Steps in Overcoming Childhood Agoraphobia
Section 11
--Track #11 - I.B.S. & Steps in Using a 'Letter to My Support'
Section 12
--Track #12 - Using 'Pleasurable Tie-Ins' to Help Your Client Take a Trip
Section 13

--Track #13 - Two Tools for Reducing the Intensity of Panic Attacks
Section 14
--Track #14 - Four Effective Breathing Techniques that Really Work!
Instructor's Guide for CD Training
Part I: Inservice Training Instructor's Guide for CD
Part II: Manual of Articles

Section 15
--Panic Disorder in Children and Adolescents
Section 16
--Panic Attack Target Population
Section 17
--Crisis Intervention Techniques for Panic Disorder
Section 18
--An Integrated Approach to the Treatment of Panic Attacks
Section 19
--Panic Attacks and the Development of Agoraphobia
Section 20
--Panic Attacks and Psychopathology Among Youth
Section 21
--“I Can’t Handle These Feelings!” When Anxiety Strikes
Section 22
--Panic Disorder & Addiction: The Clinical Issue of Comorbidity
Section 23
--Panic Disorder: Nature, Assessment, and Treatment
Section 24
--A Review of Common Panic Disorder Treatments
Section 25
--Anxiety: Getting Desensitized & a Poor Self-Image
Section 26
--Exposure, Biofeedback & Cognitive Treatment of Panic Disorder
Section 27
Selected Readings Bibliography/Authors/Instructors
Section 28
--Therapy Techniques Described on the CD – Appendix A