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Table of Contents

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CD Tracks
Track #1
Your Dynamo or Powerhouse
Track #2
Utilizing the Driving Force
Track #3
Bringing Passion into Your Team
Track #4
How to Build Working Relationships
Track #5
Maintaining the Vital Cog in the Wheel
Track #6
Four Team-Overload Suggestions
Track #7
Harnessing the Take-Charge Person
Track #8
Focusing the Fun-Loving Team Member
Track #9
Getting the Timid Team-Member to Talk
Track #10
Presenting Facts & Details that Motivate
Track #11
Meeting the Expectations of your Administrator
Track #12
Setting Limits with the Space Invader
Track #13
The Most Dangerous Team Member
Track #14
Strictly Business... Stat!

Instructor's Guide for CD Training
Part I: Inservice Training Instructor's Guide for CD
Part II: Manual of Articles
Section 15

Action Plan for Drivers
Section 16

Action Plan for Expressives
Section 17

Action Plan for Amiables
Section 18

Action Plan for Analyticals
Section 19

How to Overcome Culture Change Implementation Obstacles #1 & 2: Lack of Clarity and Lack of Courage
Section 20

How to Overcome Culture Change Implementation Obstacle #3: Faulty Thinking
Section 21

How to Overcome Culture Change Implementation Obstacle #4 & #5: Responsibility and Rationalizing
Section 22

"Awareness" Strategies for Implementing Culture Change
Section 23

Essential Staff Communication Tools: Time outs, Active Listening and Journaling
Section 24

Section 25

Creating a Fun Work Environment
Section 26

Treats and Surprises
Selected Readings, Bibliography/Authors/Instructors
Concluding Commentary